Find Old Obituaries from Canada

This article has been updated and is more current (with more links).  The current version is 325 Obituary and Obituary Index Collections from Canada Please use this new link.

Chronicling America Adds Crowdsourcing

Chronicling America, through its new capability, is adding crowdsourcing of historic newspaper cartoons and photographs, which will allow users to provide captions for these images. From the announcement of this new feature, entitled “Beyond Words”: “The Library of Congress today launched, a new online space that will host a changing selection of experiments, projects, events and […]

6 Best Free U. S. Online Historical Newspaper Collections

I have been an historic newspaper research addict for a long time. In the past several years I have decided to ratchet up my interest and share what I have learned through newspaper research-related blog articles, huge link lists, as well as video tutorials. ​The link lists for each state in the U.S. can be found at […]

A Revealing Interview With Advantage Preservation’s COO Jeff Kiley

I started focusing on newspaper research several years ago, after I discovered that for genealogy purposes, old newspapers could give me interesting information about my ancestors’ life stories that I had no other way to discover. What I also found was that historic newspaper research was not a mainstay research tool for the majority of […]

Virginia Announces Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Online Newspapers

The Library of Virginia and the Virginia Newspaper Project have collaborated to make available online, many newspapers published in Virginia from the various Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camps throughout the state from 1934 to 1941. The complete announcement of the new collection is available at VNP ANNOUNCES THE CCC. Here is a list of the current Virginia […]

Australia Free Online Historical Newspapers

There are quite a bit of free online historical newspapers from Australia. Most of the links listed below are for totally free access. This article lists links to many online collections. There may be some that you are aware of that are not on this list, so please weigh in in the comments.   The huge national […]

Google News Archive – List of All Newspapers

Many people have used the Free Google News Archive to search historic newspapers for articles about their ancestors. If you haven’t, you should. It is free and fairly easy to use.I for one, always seem to forget how to access the list of all the newspapers contained in the archives. Here is the link.  In […]

Two Terrific Free Sites for Online City Directory Research

There are several subscription websites for researching City Directories to find your ancestors, including and as just examples. But are you aware of two free ones that are quite useful? The first is well known, and that is Internet Archive (  Just enter “city directory” with the quotes in the search box and […]

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