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Delaware is one of the states that does not have a single central online state repository for historical newspapers, but do they use the Library of Congress Chronicling America site as their main sites for searching old newspapers. There are a few free online newspapers on other sites and collections available on subscription sites. Below is a list of where the titles are stored and the link so that you can access them. 

There are about 300 newspapers that have been published in the The First State – certainly not all of them are searchable online. But there are several that are indeed available. So go for it – find your Delaware ancestors and all the interesting articles that capture the stories of their lives. 

Please note that I have not always entered the dates that are included in the collections, as I suspect they will change as more items are digitized. Also I suspect that some of these links may change over time – so if there is a dead link – please use your favorite search engine to find their new location. 

(Updated May 2021; recently added links are in BOLD)

Free Sites:

Statewide Collections:

Chronicling America: Delaware Newspapers

Google News Archive

County and Library Collections:

New Castle Public Library Newspapers

Seaford Historical Newspapers

  • Sussex County Index
  • The Delmarva Leader
  • Seaford Tribune
  • The Delaware Pilot
  • The Leader and State Register
  • The Seaford News
  • Seaford High Aloha

Student Collections:

Delaware State University – Dover

Delaware Tech – multiple campuses

Goldey–Beacom College – Pike Creek Valley

University of Delaware – Newark

Wesley College – Dover

Widener University Delaware Law School – Wilmington

Wilmington University – New Castle

Miscellaneous Collections and Indexes:

Old Fulton Postcards

  • Delaware City DE News (1887, 1889)
  • Dover DE Delawarean (1900-1901)
  • Dover DE Herald (1800)
  • Middletown DE Transcript ( 1868-1922)
  • Newark DE Delaware Ledger (1887-1889)
  • Newark DE Post (1910-1922)
  • Wilmington DE State Journal Statesman (1861-1870)
  • Wilmington DE American Watchman ( 1809-1817)
  • Wilmington DE American Watchman and Delaware Advertiser (1822-1827)
  • Wilmington DE Daily Commercial (1972-1976)
  • Wilmington DE Daily Gazette (1872-1880)
  • Wilmington DE Daily Republican (1874-1903)
  • Wilmington DE Delaware Advertiser (1826-27)
  • Wilmington DE Delaware Journal (1827-1829)
  • Wilmington DE Delaware Register (1824-1825)
  • Wilmington DE Delaware Republican (1842,66,1873-74)
  • Wilmington DE Delaware Tribune (1867-1876)
  • Wilmington DE Democrat (1882)
  • Wilmington DE Evening Journal (1902-1916)
  • Wilmington DE Evening Republican (1902)
  • Wilmington DE Gazette and State Journal (1883-1902)
  • Wilmington DE Gazette Watchman (1809-10,1830-33)
  • Wilmington DE Gazette And Peninsula Advertiser (1817-1818)
  • Wilmington DE Mercury (1798)
  • Wilmington DE Morning Herald (1875-1879)
  • Wilmington DE Patriot And American Watchmen (1828)
  • Wilmington DE Republican And Farmer (1841-1842)
  • Wilmington DE State Journal (1857,1870-74,80-81,83)
  • Wilmington DE The Sun (1897-1900)
  • Wilmington DE Weekly Republican (1847-48,55-57,64,67,69-72,84,89)
  • Wilmington DE Wilmingtonian (1882-83)

Small Town Papers

Southern School News Archive 

Newspaper Abstracts – Delaware

For Obituary Indexes, transcriptions, and other death/obituary information from historic newspapers, please check out the Obituaries page.

Other Free Sites:




Subscription or Pay Sites:

There are currently 19 publications available at this site. See all the titles at Ancestry – Delaware Newspapers

Genealogy Bank:

There are currently 112 publications available at this site. See all the titles at Genealogy Bank – Delaware Newspapers

Newspaper Archive:

There are currently 64 publications available at this site. See all the titles at Newspaper Archive – Delaware

There are currently 85 publications available at this site. See all the titles at – Delaware

And Finally:

You also need to visit the Delaware Digital Newspaper Project site, which can tell you what is occurring in the state with regard to newspaper projects and also where some microfilmed newspapers are available in the state. 

Please note – even more may be available via a local library where a library card is required. And of course there is always microfilm for those that have not been made available online as yet.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

For more links for different states, provinces, and countries – please see the Newspaper Links page on this website.

For other Free Delaware Links, click on the category of interest:​​​

BMD Records
Divorce Records
Church Records
School Records
Coroner Records
Voter Records
Probate and Wills
Mortuary Records
Alumni Records
Cemetery Records

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  1. Great to have an online list of DE newspapers. Especially helpful for all the crazy Google News listings.
    However, you need to make some changes:
    Wilmington – Star
    Listed as Delaware, but really Crawfordsville, Indiana.
    Wilmington – Star-News (Morning Star, Wilmington News)
    Listed as Delaware, but really North Carolina has only two Delaware papers
    Wilmingtonian and Delaware Advertiser (1826-27)
    Union (Georgetown, Delaware) (1865)
    Historical Newspapers Online from the University of Pennsylvania (Server not found)
    Thanks for doing these pages.
    Rebecca Knight, University of Delaware Library

    1. Thank you so much Rebecca for your comments. I am in the process of updating all 50 states this month and have not gotten to Delaware just yet. I was going to do that one in the next couple of days. I am so happy that you provided your corrections. Very timely. Delaware as a smaller state just does not have very many online historical newspapers. I will incorporate your changes and refer to your lib guide for additional corrections. Thank you so much. I am a bit embarrassed that there are bad links in my list but that is bound to happen, since I am dealing with over 12,000 free links in the U.S. to online historical papers. Please feel free to email me after I publish the Delaware list if I mess up again. There aren’t many in Delaware but they should be correct. Thanks, Kenneth

    2. Rebecca, the one that you say is Crawfordsville Indiana is correct for the first issue, but subsequent issues are from Delaware. And you are absolutely correct about the Wilmington NC one. Thanks again.

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