32 Ways to Find Ancestor Birth Information

When researching our ancestors, one of the most important events is obviously their birth (otherwise they wouldn’t be ancestors – but I digress). Determining the date and location of birth is important as we document the major events in their lives.

Most folks limit their search to the obvious repositories, whether online or not. But there are many ways to determine specifics about someone’s birth, as well as finding clues that help you narrow their birth date to at least a single year or two.

Most of these listed source types should not stand alone as evidence of the actual date and location of an ancestor’s birth – so you might want to check many of these sources to provide corroborating evidence. I have put together a Quick Reference Guide that has 32 different ways you can find birth records and other birth references and information.

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Trying to find my fathers family. His surname is no the the one they gave him on his Naturalization Papers is not the surname on the papers is Zilevitsch. Father name Jankel Chilewitz & Mother name Sara Horvitz. Photos of Parent its Tsilevitsh (Rezhitse now Rezeke Latvia). Sisters name Pesya or Pesia, Brothers Name Aisek or Isak. The other names on Photos I have is Cilevics. Other name on Photos Lyova (Ly?va) Tzilevitsch, Moise Gurevitsch. Have been struggling for a long time trying to find Ancestors

Adams County, CO Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce Records For information regarding vital records in Adams County call the tri-county vital records office at (303) 220-9200, they will also have records from Douglas county and Arapahoe County.

looking for samuel george graves and mabel.i am doing a geneology i believe they are from michigan.my fathers name was thomas walter graves

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