Did You Know That Veridian has Over 50 Million Digitized Newspaper Pages to Search for Free Online?

Did you know that Veridian Software has collections of digitized newspapers that can be searched for free? Over 50 million pages, I might add.

Did you know that they power California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Virginia,  Washington, and Wyoming state newspaper collections? You may have used their software and didn’t know it!

How about country-wide collections, such as Estonia, Israel, New Zealand, Singapore, and Switzerland?

Did you know that they are one of the few software service providers that have built-in crowdsourced text correction features to correct poor OCR output? I’ve used it myself, and it is fantastic. It’s kind of a “Pay it Forward” facility that allows a registered user the ability to improve the index for future researchers. This is especially helpful for correcting names and events for genealogists and historians.

Did you know that they are the folks behind the Elephind federated search facility that allows you to search many collections all at once?

Veridian is the name of the software and service package created by DL Consulting, a firm headquartered in Hamilton, New Zealand.

The very first online newspaper collection that I ever used was their implementation of the California state newspaper collection, and that was about 10 years ago. It still is the collection that I search the most for my own personal genealogy.

I wanted to introduce them to you. They do great work. Upcoming will be an interview with their CEO and regular monthly updates to their collections, just like I provide for the Advantage Archives, GenealogyBank, NewspaperArchive, British Newspaper Archive, and FindMyPast newspaper collections.

Here is a list of their 50 or so collections with the link to the collection and collection statistics. Please notice that because of the software’s unique feature to segment a page into the articles that are on the page, that if used, the number of articles is included below as well as the other collection stats:

Check out their website at Veridian Software to learn more about them.

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