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This section of the Archives databases is just a small fraction of what the Archives hold, it is an important subset that is very useful for genealogy researchers.

From the Archives website: “You will find in the Access to Archival Databases (AAD) resource online access to records in a small selection of historic databases preserved permanently in NARA. NARA has selected less than 1% of the data files in its holdings for public searching through AAD. We selected these data because the records identify specific persons, geographic areas, organizations, and dates. The records cover a wide variety of civilian and military functions and have many genealogical, social, political, and economic research uses. AAD provides:

  • Access to over 247 million historic electronic records created by more than 40 agencies of the US federal government and from collections of donated historical materials.
  • Both free-text and fielded searching options.
  • The ability to retrieve, print, and download records with the specific information that you seek.
  • Information to help you find and understand the records.”

Below is a list with links to the various AAD databases.

Genealogy & Personal History



Military Personnel

Passenger Lists

Prisoners of War



Textual Records

Private Sector



Labor Unions







Zip Codes

Wars & International Relations

Civil War

World War II

Korean War

Vietnam War

Cold War

Diplomatic Records

Government Spending


Grants and Assistance

Time Spans

1800 –1900

1900 –1940

1940 –1955

1955 –1965

1965 –1975

1975 –1985

1985 –1995

1995 – present

Social Security Administration’s (SSA)
Numerical Identification Files (NUMIDENT)

This database contains Claim Files that have information extracted from Social Security life or death claims for 25 million deceased individuals. The records include information such as name, social security number, birth date, and birthplace. This is in addition to the nearly 50 million death records and 72 million application (SS-5) records. The URL is:

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