Google News Archive – List of All Newspapers

Many people have used the Free Google News Archive to search historic newspapers for articles about their ancestors. If you haven’t, you should. It is free and fairly easy to use.I for one, always seem to forget how to access the list of all the newspapers contained in the archives.

Here is the link.  In case you forget too!

Google News Archive List of Newspapers

The list does provide publication dates as well as the number of issues for each entry in the archives. But there is no way to search the list other than an alphabetical listing. So for example, if I was interested in a list of all African-American newspapers in the collection, there is no way to search for that. So the list is better than having no list at all, but its searchability is limited.

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I am going to try and find Wisconsin newspapers through this, but I’m not holding my breath. Reason? Because the only place where I’ve found papers from Madison, WI is through World Vital Records. None of the other newspaper sites have them. I’m also having difficulty locating papers from SD, the smaller areas. It’s either my ancestors deliberately chose locations that would not be able to record important events of their lives, or the locations they chose never caught on as a nice place to live.

Linda Hansen: if you live in Wisconsin, use your library card to access NewspaperArchive on free – it has madison newspapers

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