New Great Lakes History Portal

I have just discovered a new website that focuses on Great Lakes History. It has material from both the U.S. and Canada. It appears that right now the majority of the material is from the province of Ontario, and the states of Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. This Great Lakes Portal is a service of OurDigitalWorld.

From the site:

“20 contributors from around the Great Lakes are making a “splash” with the new Great Lakes History search site.

Search and browse nearly 200,000 items recording the rich maritime history of the Great Lakes and the vessels, passengers, and crews that have traveled them through art, scrapbooks, vessel records, 3D shipwreck videos, directories, manifests, websites, and more.”

Here is a list of the contributors:

  • Alpena County George N. Fletcher Public Library (22503)
  • Association for Great Lakes Maritime History (758)
  • Canadian Illustrated News clippings (26)
  • Canadian Nautical Research Society (33)
  • Detroit Historical Society (9)
  • Father Dowling Marine Historical Collection (592)
  • Great Lakes Maritime Institute (417)
  • Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society (149)
  • Great Lakes Vessel History (1933)
  • Historical Collections of the Great Lakes, Bowling Green State University (8362)
  • Library and Archives Canada (1)
  • Maritime History of the Great Lakes (102106)
  • Marsh Collection (25)
  • Metzler Vessel database, Wisconsin Maritime Museum (14003)
  • Terry Pepper, Seeing The Light (172)
  • Toronto Marine Historical Society (955)
  • USLHS Digital Archive (436)
  • University of Wisconsin—Superior. Jim Dan Hill Library (900)
  • Wisconsin Collection, Great Lakes Maritime History (1625)
  • Wisconsin Maritime Museum (7926)

The types of materials are:

  • Audio
  • Images
  • Text
  • Ships
  • Ship Documents
  • Video
  • Websites

Check out this new website and its Search feature at

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