Historical U.S. and Canada Free Online Catholic Newspapers

For those of you who have Catholic ancestry in your family tree, there are lots of newspapers that have been published in the past that may help you find some information and stories about your ancestors. ​I recently became aware of the Catholic Newspapers Program, which is a result of a project started in 2011 by the Catholic Research Resources Alliance. […]

495 Free Online Historical Photo Archives from Canada

An old proverb states that “the eyes are the windows into the soul.” A genealogy corollary is that “a photo is a window into the lives of your ancestors.” Old photos are important to a complete research, whether they are portraits of your ancestors or historical photos for the period when they lived. And it […]

325 Obituary and Obituary Index Collections from Canada

One of the main goals for genealogists in searching historic newspapers is to find obituaries.  Obituaries are a gold mine of information. They provide death dates and locations, funeral and cemetery information, and sometimes mote importantly – information about the relatives of the deceased’s family and extended family.  This family name information is often not […]

Free Canada High School and College Yearbooks Online

Yearbooks from high school or college are one of the most fun set of records for a genealogist to search. It provides you with a ton of story-like information about your ancestor’s life. What their interests were, what sports and clubs they participated in, and often some goofy snapshots of them before they settled into […]

Canada Online Historical Newspaper Links

This past week I have been updating the articles published in the past that contain links to free online historical newspapers for Canada. Each article focuses on one single province (the territories are grouped into one article).  There are about 4,075 historical newspapers available online for free, and the links are included in these articles. […]

Canada Birth, Marriage, and Death (BMD) Record Links

One of the main goals for genealogists is finding birth, marriage, and death (BMD) information about their ancestors.   Over the past few decades, thanks to volunteers, librarians and archivists (as well as the largest of them all – FamilySearch), a great number of indexes to birth, marriage, and death collections have been provided for free online.  […]

5,345 Free Online Canada City Directories

City and business directories are available online from all over the U.S. and Canada and are what I consider another important set of information that can assist you in advancing your family history and genealogy research. This activity of presenting links is a collaborative effort between The Ancestor Hunt and Miriam Robbins, who for years has […]

300 Obituary and Obituary Index Collections from Canada

This article has been updated and is more current (with more links).  The current version is 325 Obituary and Obituary Index Collections from Canada. Please us this new link.

College and University Historical Student Newspaper Links in Canada

As you know, if you have visited this site previously, I have been presenting historical newspaper links to Free online collections in Canada over the past few years. To see all these collections, click on the Newspaper Links tab at the top of this web page. Since the college/university experience is a sizable part of one’s life, […]

Find Old Obituaries from Canada

This article has been updated and is more current (with more links).  The current version is 325 Obituary and Obituary Index Collections from Canada Please use this new link.