What is That Weird Word as Cause of Death?

When doing our genealogy research, whether looking at death certificates, newspaper articles, or other sources, we are often faced with different terminology for things.  No where is that more evident than in medical terminology.

Whether the term is written in an old letter, a newspaper article or official document, we are often faced with the challenge to find out what that term means, for our understanding of course, but more importantly for documenting the cause of death.

Below are several sources of terminology equivalences that you can use as reference material.

I have also put together some of the more common terms, which you can download as a pdf.

Medical Terminology Resources

To download “40 Old Time illnesses and Their Current Names” Quick Sheet PDF, click on 40 Old Diseases

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That’s odd. Hundreds of these have been downloaded without an issue. I use Chrome myself. In fact I have created over 40 of these downloadable Quick Reference Guides in pdf and this is the first time an issue has been reported in two years.

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