Free Online Archives and Digital Collections for Historians and Genealogists

As genealogists and historians, we strive to know more about our ancestors and other subject people. It is imperative, especially as family historians that we research and understand the locales, surroundings, and events that occurred during their lifetimes.

While we constantly look for new records, we must also research history, including local history. There are an ever-increasing number of Free Online Archives and Digital Collections that can assist us in our quest. You will find an abundance of historical information plus genealogical records.

These links to the archives and collections are presented as a Quick Reference Guide. To download the 5-page Quick Sheet PDF, click on the Download button below:

For all the previously published Quick Reference Guides, click on QuickSheets

Check out the Digital Archives page for over 1,100 archives, sorted by state – even more than those that are listed in the PDF above.

Genealogy QuickSheets – Frequently Asked Questions

Quicksheets are also known as Quick Reference Guides. They are generally a one or two page PDF that is downloadable. A few QuickSheets are as large as a five page PDF.
Every QuickSheet is in a specific post on The Ancestor Hunt website. Just bring up the post, and at the bottom of the page is a big brown Download button that allows you to view and/or download the PDF when clicked.
Yes! You can view or download as many as you wish.

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Where are the rest of the states’ sources? Wisconsin, Indiana, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia

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