History Hub – A Crowdsourced History and Genealogy Research Platform

Have you checked out History Hub (https://historyhub.history.gov)  to visit their communities and ask questions that could help further your genealogy research? 

History Hub is sponsored by the National Archives and was developed by them in 2016 as a community crowdsourced support platform where people can ask questions, get help with research, and share the knowledge and information they have. National Archive staff respond to many of the questions with information about resources found at the National Archives and sometimes include information about other resources. Genealogists, citizen archivists, historians, etc. are also welcome to help answer questions. There are 19 community pages which are listed below. On the community pages, you will find an overview, existing questions and answers, a place to ask your question, and links to relevant blog posts.

To obtain the free Quicksheet pdf with details about History Hub, you can download it by clicking on the Download button below:

For all the previously published Quick Reference Guides, click on QuickSheets

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