Use Nicknames in Your Newspaper Searches to Find 50% More Ancestor Articles

In old newspapers and other genealogically-related documents (especially census records), nicknames were frequently used, as those names were more often used than the “formal” given name of the person.

Your search index database is not smart enough, for example, to interpret ‘Sadie” for the formal given name of “Sarah”. Thus, you will need to use both names separately in your search criteria.

So when developing your search criteria for both genealogy and newspaper searches, you need to include nicknames in your repertoire.

In the image above, there are about 60 or so common, “old time” nicknames.  You can download this quick reference guide below.

Here are some articles that list common and old-time nicknames that you should employ in your search criteria:

To download the Nicknames Quick Sheet PDF, click on the Download button:

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