Are You Using Mortality Schedules from the Census Records


What’s a mortality schedule you ask? Well, the U.S. Census Bureau, starting in 1850, began preparing special Non-population Schedules. Population schedules are the ones that we are always using and we tend to call them just “Census Records”. There have been several Non-population schedules, including Agricultural Schedules, Manufacturing Schedules, Social Statistic Schedules, Business Schedules, and this topic – ”Mortality Schedules”

They were important because at that time in the 1800s, there were very few state-wide death registers, so even having one year was helpful.

I have put together a Quick Reference Guide that has all kinds of information about the Mortality Schedules; what is in them; and how you can access them online,

To obtain the one-page Quicksheet pdf for easy reference, you can download it by clicking on the Download button:

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